Conservation Research, Policy and Practice

Amelia Majid | 15 Sep 2020
Conservation research is essential for advancing knowledge, but to make an impact, scientific evidence must influence conservation policies, decision-making and practice. Emerging from a successful international symposium organised by the British Ecological Society and the Cambridge Conservation Initiative, this is the first book to practically address these questions across a wide range of conservation topics. Well-renowned experts guide readers through global case studies and their own experiences. This is a must-read for practitioners, researchers, graduate students and policymakers wishing to enhance the prospect of their work ‘making a difference’.
Judul Informasi : Conservation Research, Policy and Practice
Penulis : William J. Sutherland, Peter N.M. Brotherton, Zoe G. Davies, dkk
Kategori : E-book
Tahun Penerbit : 2020
Sumber Referensi :
Fokus Isu : Pendidikan
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