The Citizen's Guide to Climate Success

Amelia Majid | 08 Sep 2020
For climate success, we need to understand the combined role of self-interested and wishful thinking biases that prevent us from acting effectively and strategically. Fossil fuel and other interests delude us about climate science or try to convince us that every new fossil fuel investment is beneficial. But even climate-concerned people propagate myths that hinder progress, holding to beliefs that all countries will agree voluntarily on sharing the cost of global decarbonization; that carbon offsets are effective; that behavioral change is critical; that energy efficiency and renewable energy are cheap; and that carbon taxes are absolutely essential. For success with the climate-energy challenge, we must strategically focus our efforts as citizens on a few key domestic sectors (especially electricity and transportation), a few key policies (regulations and/or carbon pricing); and the identification and election of climate-sincere politicians.
Judul Informasi : The Citizen's Guide to Climate Success
Penulis : Mark Jaccard
Kategori : E-book
Tahun Penerbit : 2020
Sumber Referensi :
Fokus Isu : Sustainability
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