Ellen MacArthur Foundation - Towards The Circurlar Economy Vol. 1

Asri Farida Sihaloho | 30 Jul 2020
The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s report on the Economics of a Circular Economy invites readers to imagine an economy in which today’s goods are tomorrow’s resources, forming a virtuous cycle that fosters prosperity in a world of finite resources. This change in perspective is important to address many of today’s fundamental challenges. Traditional linear consumption patterns (‘take-make-dispose’) are coming up against constraints on the availability of resources. The challenges on the resource side are compounded by rising demand from the world’s growing and increasingly affluent population. As a result, we are observing unsustainable overuse of resources, higher price levels, and more volatility in many markets.
Judul Informasi : Ellen MacArthur Foundation - Towards The Circurlar Economy Vol. 1
Penulis : Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Kategori : Laporan
Tahun Penerbit : 2013
Sumber Referensi : -
Fokus Isu : Sustainability
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