Electronic Waste Generation Prediction in Bandung City, Indonesia

Dewi Suryanindah S. | 07 May 2021
Nowadays waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) generation is increasing due to the increase in the number of users and the development of electronic products. In Indonesia, there are no specific regulations about WEEE even though it is identified as hazardous and toxic waste. This study aims to predict the WEEE generation from the most used and replaced electronic products by citizens of Bandung City. The data is collected by surveying 400 families in Bandung City. Based on the survey results, there are three types of electronic products that are most used and replaced by citizens of Bandung City, which are mobile phones, laptops and televisions. The Delay Model is modified by replacing the lifespan variable with end-of-life to project the mobile phones, laptops and televisions waste generation in Bandung City. The purpose of this modification is to adjust the pattern of electronic products used in developing countries. The projection results state that Bandung City will generate 0.61 tons/day of mobile phones, 8.66 tons/day of laptops and 3.16 tons/day of televisions at the end of 2020. Based on the results of the projection, WEEE management and recycling is important which can reduce WEEE disposal and increase the economic value of WEEE.
Judul Informasi : Electronic Waste Generation Prediction in Bandung City, Indonesia
Penulis : I Made Wahyu Widyarsana, Dewi Suryanindah Supramono, Nabil Fadel
Kategori : Jurnal
Tahun Penerbit : 2021
Sumber Referensi :
Fokus Isu : Sampah Anorganik
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